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  • New Cloud Backup & Recovery Service
    New Cloud Backup & Recovery Service

    Envertica release a new Cloud Backup service that's secure, reliable, built for recovery and ready to access

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    Written on Tuesday, 25 February 2014 10:54 in Blog
  • Building an IT VAR for Dummies - Step 1) VAR’s – Do they really exist?
    Building an IT VAR for Dummies - Step 1) VAR’s – Do they really exist?

    Obviously yes... because we are one of them, but the term Value Added Reseller is often used but seldom delivered on in our industry. It also happens to be the one single reason why we decided to form Envertica – To deliver on a promise that so often falls short, to become a trusted advisor to our customer base that drive's technical innovation and change so that their business becomes more successful.

    The founders of Envertica bring with them a wealth of experience from all areas of the ICT supply chain. We have experienced the beloved "VAR" from both sides of the fence, as a manufacturer looking to position a new technology through to an end user hoping to get more from their partner than a simple kit list. As a manufacturer we would often ask our end users what value they received from their reseller partner and sadly the feedback was normally the same, none. Our so called Value Added Reseller was nothing more than a simple box shifter, a glorified broker who understood no more than a part code and took a massive margin for the privilege.

    It didn't take a rocket scientist to work out that there may be a gap in the marketplace for a new partner...

    Fast forward to today and not a lot has changed. A variety of partners still exist, your multivendor box shifter who partners with every manufacturer under the sun, your focused reseller who aligns their business to one manufacture, (Blindly at times...) your pure consultancy company and the true Value Added Reseller – A hybrid of the above who adopts a Best of Breed strategy and will always strive to make a difference to the needs of the customer.

    Enter Envertica. We are now in our 10th year, we deliver on our promises, we will always try to do what's right for our customers rather than the needs of a single manufacturer. Best of all if we can provide a win-win for all parties then we have done our job well. We want to become an extension of your technical knowledge base and become a trusted advisor to your business.

    So, that's why we exist. Next up, what does the market demand?

    Written on Wednesday, 12 February 2014 16:21 in Blog
  • Building an IT VAR for Dummies
    Building an IT VAR for Dummies

    Some would say that we are pretty poor at Sales and Marketing... I would counter that and say that we have been "In Stealth" for the past few years...

    Envertica have enjoyed growth of over 300% this financial year thanks primarily to referral - We view this as a real positive.

    But... In light of the social media explosion I guess we should let you know who we are and what we do. But let's look at this from a slightly different angle...

    Instead of us telling you how great we are and everything that we can do for your business we are simply going to give you the basics... Why we started Envertica in the first place and ultimately, why we have built our business on referrals.

    Welcome to "Building an IT VAR for Dummies" – Our 10 step guide and insight as to why we formed Envertica and what we are all about.

    Keep an eye out for step one – "VAR's" Do they really exist?

    Written on Friday, 07 February 2014 10:20 in Blog

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